About Us

Rugs truly help in showing off the personality of one’s beloved home and over the last 45 years, we at ‘Your Rugs’ have been on a relentless mission to help families and businesses bring that much craved cozy warmth to the ambiance of their treasured spaces.

‘Your Rugs’ is a one stop shop for virtually all your rug needs and what sets us apart is the fact that we possess a team of qualified experts in every sector of the rug making process, who can deliver products that precisely caters to our client’s very own imagination.

We can offer rugs of different styles and made up of various materials, and are also able to customize the products to any size, color, thickness and design – depending on the client’s specific preferences.

During the last three decades, we have established ourselves as one of the largest handmade rug manufacturing companies in South Asia and ‘Your Rugs’ has been able to satisfy the flooring requirements at many beautiful homes for a host of families as well as commercial spaces.

Our Company manufactures rugs predominantly using seven different materials which are all customized, as we fully understand that each individual client has different needs. Our handmade rugs receive meticulous attention to detail and one can be assured that the quality they are purchasing will be second to none.

The high-density content of our rugs means that they will last in the family for generations and leave behind a legacy for the young ones to carry down through the ages.

Starting out as a small company 45 years ago, ‘Your Rugs’ has made steady progress and we are now proud to state that our company has a loyal client base which spreads across various locations such as the USA, Australia, UK and most of the South Asian nations.

As the implementation of the manufacturing process is done by ourselves, we essentially cut out the middle men such as expensive retail showrooms or the sales staff and as a result, our clients unnecessarily do not have to pay exorbitant amounts to purchase our products.

Therefore, the price you pay will directly correlate with the quality of the rug being purchased and we can promise you that ‘Your Rugs’ will remain companions in your homes for many generations, sharing with you the memories closest to the heart.