At your rugs, we are all about customizing the rug to meet client’s
expectations. Visit Rug Making Process if you are keen to understand
how a beautiful hand knotted rug is delivered.

We only use natural materials to weave our rugs.
Our hand – knotted customised rugs can be made using

The rug making process depends mostly on the size of the rug and
how detailed the design is. Generally, it takes about 1 month to
3 months including delivery to your home.

If you have ordered a sample of the rug, it will start as soon as you
approve the sample. Otherwise, the rug weaving starts as soon as
you approve the artwork, which we will email to you.

Ordering a Sample is very easy. Just go to Order a Sample and follow
the steps. We highly recommend that you order a sample as it gives the feel of the rug with what material you have chosen and also the

We have been delivering our rugs worldwide for 45 years now; hence
the price is including the delivery to your house. There is no separate
delivery cost involved.

The shipping time is normally quoted in the beginning of the rug
weaving process to you. After the rug is complete, it only takes 3 – 5
days to ship the rug in most of the countries.

The whole process of choosing a rug to delivering it to your home is a
very customised and expensive process. We do not provide refund
for change of mind. Hence, we offer to receive the rug back only if
there are any discrepancies with the order and the rug delivered. In
such circumstance, we will give you full refund and the delivery cost
to ship it to the warehouse will be covered by us.

We believe in the corporate responsibility to the Community we live.
5 percent of the rug sale goes straight to the education of the kids
below 10 years and in the training of the Women in workforce. We
actively donate monies in different charitable programs often such as voice against human trafficking, movement against domestic
violence, Emergency response team for medical aid and relief
supplies for survivors.

We train and employee women from the local community to
provide them an opportunity to earn and to encourage women
to work.
When you buy from YOUR RUGS, you are not only decorating
your home, it will directly affect people in need with the 5 per
cent donation we make.